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The Coolest Way To Use A Preppy Sweatshirts

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When you hear "preppy," you probably think of argyle sweaters and tweed Blazers. Although the term came from school uniforms for prep schools and blazers, the style of preppy developed throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Preppy sweatshirts are a great option to express the style without being too formal.

Argyle print
Argyle was once thought to be a quaint and unfashionable pattern however, thanks to the media, it has had a renaissance. It was worn by famous movie stars like Cher Horowitz in Clueless and Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. The style has also been worn by celebrities like Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf in the hit TV series Gossip Girl.

The argyle pattern first utilized by Scotland around the time of the Clan Campbell, who wore tartan of argyle to wear their kilts. The design was adapted and was popularized through American fashion designers during the 20th century. The pattern is now worn on crop tops and mini skirts, as in trendy accessories. The pattern is so versatile that it is suitable to many different occasions.

An argyle sweater is a classic piece of clothing that displays patterns of argyle. The typical sweater has the rectangular or square design on the front with even-length diagonal checks. While argyle has changed in style and popularity over time but it is still an iconic style that is ideal to create a chic, trendy style.

Women's argyle sweater vests for women are ideal for spring and fall days. Made of polyester and elastane they're robust and will not lose their shape after being washed. In addition to being warm and comfortable, they are also perfect for the school.

Argyle sweaters
Argyle sweaters have been an iconic style but they're also much more versatile than you believe. Generally, argyle sweaters feature an even-length, square or rectangular box at the front, adorned with a diagonal checker-like pattern. Although the pattern has changed throughout the years, it remains popular selection for preppy sweatshirts.

Argyle sweaters gained popularity throughout England and Europe after the start of the world war. The pattern has never fallen out of fashion, and there have even been resurgences in popularity since the 1950s. They come in many different fabrics, such as wool and cotton blends. Despite their preppy origins, argyle sweaters are still very fashionable today, being worn by both women and men.

The right size of argyle sweater is essential to achieving the look that you are happy with. First, you'll want to examine the chest measurement, sleeve length, and overall sweater length. Ideally, the argyle sweater is loosely woven around your body and is comfortable on your shoulders. Or, you could opt for Proteckd Apparel an oversized argyle sweater in order to create a relaxed, laid-back style.

You could also consider an Argyle jacket. This type of garment is perfect for work because it adds warmth to a collared shirt, without making you look too dressed. It can be worn under a jacket or with a bow tie.


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