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50 of the Absolute Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

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 keeps getting worse.

You can settle with TCPA violators before taking them to court.

Through a new partnership, when you search for "how to vote" or make other voting-related inquiries (in both English and Spanish), Google will pull up information sourced from Democracy Works. The nonpartisan and nonprofit data provider collaborates with elections administrators to pull in key information on where and how to vote. 

If you don't want to go to those lengths and simply want to cut down on the number of unsolicited calls and texts you receive, there are some simpler steps you can take. 

You could take spammers to court, though that takes time and effort.

Zatko, known as Mudge in the hacker community, alleges in the whistleblower complaint that Twitter prioritized growth over user safety and security. Musk is using those claims against the company as he tries to back out of buying Twitter for $44 billion. The complaint also includes accusations that Twitter lied to billionaire Elon Musk about the number of bots on its platform.

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Amazon Prime Video drops a bunch of movies at the beginning of each month, though it doesn't have a ton of new weekly releases after that.

Mullvad's source code being entirely open source is a testament to the company's transparency, but we'd still like to see Mullvad issue an annual transparency report to give the public a view of how many legal requests the company gets and where they're coming from. Though Mullvad tells us a new security audit is forthcoming, the company's 2020 security audit (conducted by German cybersecurity firm Cure53) concluded at the time that the VPN "does a great job protecting the end user from common PII leaks and privacy-related risks."

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Google is updating search as it looks to ensure accurate voting information ahead of the US midterm elections in November, the company said in a blog post Thursday.

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