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A Step-By Step Guide For Choosing The Right Windows And Doors Eltham

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Door Fitting Eltham

It is important to think about how doors can be integrated into your home and Double Glazed Window repairs office. This includes the deadbolts, hinges and locks as well as handles.

In addition to offering privacy and security doors also add a touch of class to your home or business. If you're in the market for doors to replace your old ones or need some sprucing up, consider these tips to make the most of your doors.


Hinges are the most important hardware to joins a frame, door or to allow it to pivot open or closed. They can be found on a variety of doors, both inside and out of the house starting from the main entrance door to a bathroom cabinet, and even a gate that leads into your yard.

When you are looking for hinges, you will find several different types that you can pick from. There are hinges which enhance security and keep your doors safe.

Strap hinges - These hinges are made of long straps of steel or brass connected by a pin , and an articulating knuckle in the center. They are usually used on gates and barn doors however, they can be found on a range of cabinets to give them a classic appearance.

Concealed hinges These hinges are hidden from view and do not open the door when closed. These hinges are great for cabinets and other containers that are intended to be tamperproof, like storage chests.

Fast-Riveted Types - These are the most secure hinges as they create an edging of the pin. This prevents someone from removing the pin while opening or closing the door.

Setscrew Hinges They are generally used in pairs on doors that open outward to hide the hinges once the door is closed. They also provide a greater level of security than standard butt hinges since they are secured against tampering.

Barrel Hinges These hinges are a particular kind of hinges concealed, typically made of brass. They are not made to be used for load-bearing purposes, so they are typically used to secure smaller boxes and cabinets.


A range of locks is available for Door Fitting Eltham, including traditional knob locks, cam locks and keypad locks. Each lock has distinct features, but they all share one thing in common: they secure your doors by keeping them shut.

Knob Locks are the most well-known kind of door lock. The lock cylinders are inserted within the knobs of the door instead of the door itself which means they aren't broken using a simple tool. A knob lock that's not functioning correctly could be easily broken which is why it is crucial to replace them with higher security locks.

Deadbolts are yet another type of locking mechanism. They utilize a bolt that extends from the door into the frame and locks into the frame. These can be manually opened with a key, or they can be locked automatically when the door is closed.

They can be used to secure any type of door. They come in many styles and shapes. Certain types include a single bolt while others come with two or more.

We can help you pick the right locks to protect your home or business. This includes deadbolts and rim locks, as well as knob locks.

These locks could also have additional features like keyless entry or panic hardware that enhance their security. If you're not sure which locks will work best for your business or home speak to a professional locksmith in Eltham about your options.

Our lock experts will operate in accordance with British Security Standards to ensure that your home is safe from criminals. They can install multipoint locking mechanisms made by reputable manufacturers like ERA, Maco and Winkhaus, Fuhr.


There are many different kinds of deadbolts that can be used to secure doors. There are a variety of deadbolts to choose from, ranging from a single cylinders to double-cylinders. The type of deadbolt that you select will depend on your individual requirements and the security requirements of your property.

If you have a home with a window on the exterior it is recommended you use Double glazed Window repairs-cylinder deadbolts to prevent the burglar from gaining access through the glass. Additionally, you can use nightlatch locks to provide additional security.

Another type of lock that is commonly used is mortise locks. This kind of lock is generally more expensive than a standard deadbolt but it can offer increased security for your home.

First, create a hole on the side of your door in order for the mortise deadbolt's bolt move out or in when it is locked or unlock. This hole should be slightly larger than the bolt so that it can be easily fitted.

Then, you can use a paper template to mark the points of reference along the door's edges and faces. This will allow you to precisely drill the holes you need to make.

Attach a hole saw and drill to create the hole that allows the deadbolt's bolt to slide into the door. Measure your hole saw against the bolt to find the correct size, and then connect it to your drill.

Once you've created the hole, it's time to install the lock. In general, deadbolt locks are placed 6 to 12 inches above the doorknob. However, they shouldn't be placed too close to the door.


Doorknobs are a crucial part of securing your home. They come in a variety of styles and functions to meet your needs, and they can also enhance the decor of rooms.

Door Knobs are often made from materials that can resist wear and tear. These materials include crystal, metal, porcelain, and glass. Brass and zinc are both common and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

These can be stained or painted to match your decor. If you prefer modern style, consider chrome door knobs. They're easy to put in and look great on both modern and historical homes alike.

When choosing a knob for your door think about the purpose of the lock as well as your home's architecture. For instance, if need privacy in a bathroom or bedroom, a door knob with a privacy feature is a great choice. They can be locked from the outside using a lock or pin/thumb-turn which lets you gain access to the inside.

If you want to enhance the security of your doors outside you can put in deadlatch. These locks include a strike plate to prevent the bolt from destroying your door's frame. They are typically used on front doors, however, you can also purchase the lock for your back door.

They are the most used types of door knobs. They require the use of a key, so only the owner of the key can gain access to your home. They are great for front doors located near other structures, such as windows or patios.


Doors are an essential element of any home. They protect and a warm welcome. They're practical and can serve as dividers , or as a way to separate living spaces. You'll require handles and door hardware to fit with your interior design to keep them secure.

There are numerous options to choose from , so you can find the perfect style for your home. If you're looking for a timeless lock that is in line with your style, you might want to opt for traditional handles. This includes a kind of deadbolt lock as well as an elongated handle that you can use to open the latch and then unlock the door.

A choice of contemporary-style handles are accessible to complement your modern design. They are popular with homeowners who prefer to have a minimalistic and clean look.

You can choose satin-finished handles for a sleek look. They're easy to clean and resist dirt and fingerprints, so they're great for homes with lots of traffic.

Another popular option is matte black door handles. This is a bold color that will make a statement on any door and can be paired with natural wood finishes to enhance the aesthetic of your property.

If you're uncertain about the kind of door hardware you should decide on, speak to our team at Door Fitting Eltham to find the best solution to your needs. Our experts are available 24 hours a day to provide guidance and advice on the best options for your business or home. We are experts in all kinds of door repairs and replacements for commercial and residential properties.


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