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has today announced a £25.2million deal to buy Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton as the fast fashion giant continued to carve up the remains of Sir Philip Green's Arcadia empire with rival ASOS.
The online retailer, owned by billionaire Mahmud Kamani, said they would be buying the brands and stock but would shut all 214 physical stores, concessions or franchises with 2,450 job losses.
The deal spells another step into the mainstream for Mr Kamani's Boohoo, which had its reputation badly damaged following revelations that its suppliers used sweatshops to produce cheap clothing during lockdown. 
Today the business told its Leicester-based suppliers that all clothes must be made in-house and cut ties with all sub-contractors. 
And it comes weeks after Boohoo bought Debenhams and days after ASOS bought other Arcadia brands, including Topshop and Topman, out of administration a week ago. 
The £25million deal for Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton means that more of the biggest names on the British high street are vanishing for good during the pandemic.
Burton was founded in 1903 by Meshe Osinky, a Lithuanian Jew who fled the pogroms of his country for a new life in Britain with no money and no English, before changing his name to Montague Burton and building one of the biggest male clothing empires in the UK and Europe.
At its height Burton employed over 10,500 people in 400 stores and had the largest clothing factory in the world in Leeds, becoming a mainstay of the FTSE 100 before collapsing under the leadership of Sir Philip Green who bought it in 2002.
The fast-fashion retailer - owned by Mahmud Kamani (pictured left with Snoop Dogg, Boohoo CEO Carol Kane and his son Samir Kamani in 2018) - has now bought Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton for £25m, weeks after purchasing Debenhams
The deal will see all 214 physical stores, concessions or franchises close with 2,450 job losses
Wallis will not be seen again on the British high street as Sir Philip Green's Arcadia empire crumbled

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Staff were emailed on Monday morning, and will be informed during the day.
Around 260 jobs, mainly head office roles, will be saved as they move with the brands to Boohoo.
These include jobs in design, buying and merchandising, and the businesses' digital wings.
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